We Build Your Online Presence For You!

Here are a few facts to get you started...

Running a business is hard.

Social media is proven to help grow your business.

However, the combination of those two with limited time can reduce the quality of both your business and social media

Thats why we're here. We put 100% of our effort into your social media so you can put 100% of yours into what you're passionate about.....

your business.

Our Services

We are the all-in-one stop for your online presence, working with you to ensure that your online customers are met with the same quality you would give in person.

  • Website design

We create, alter, and optimize your website from beginning to end alongside you to ensure that your Portfolio, E-Commerce, or Business website gets your message across​

  • Social Media Content

We create and repurpose content for Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to make sure you arent losing out on any un-tapped markets.​

We only provide services for those three platforms because we have used and grown our own accounts personally.

We Are Not Like The Competition

Cypress Media Group differs from all of the other Social Media Agencies as all of our work is done in house, and only offered once our abilities have been proven.

  • Other Agencies hire faceless contractors off of the internet at the expense and time of their customers

  • We practice and test our services, shown above, before even offering them on our website

  • We value our clients! We will give you 70% of your money back if you are not happy with your services

Meet the Team

First up on the team is Levi. He handles our client outreach, customer support, and soon will provide TikTok ads as a potential service for our CMG customers. He also handles part of our content creation service with the hashtags for posts and content calendars to let you know whats being posted and when.




Ryan is in charge of 90% of the visual aspects on our website, including the graphics, as well any content Cypress Media Group puts out. He has worked with nonprofits to create logos for their brands and even won local design competitions for his skill.


Coming soon...